My Snapshot

As a former driver for one of the largest delivery companies in the world, I witnessed a plethora of unenthusiastic employees and lackluster “leaders.” In fact, MOST workers were simply waiting for the next opportunity to come along. Why? They felt unappreciated, undervalued and insignificant. There is a solution to this dilemma. Using my TOP HAT philosophy, I will help your sales force to become even better. I will help you create an even brighter culture and ultimately raise your bottom line. I want to give you the tools to solve some of your biggest challenges. I want you and your event participants to experience a TOP HAT encounter. To include…..…

  1. A top-notch experience on stage- Since 2007, I have been presenting to audiences both small and large. My talks are engaging, fun and open. Keeping YOU top of mind I will deliver tools and strategies that can used immediately!
  2. A top-notch experience off stage- We understand meeting professionals have their hands full. We make the decision making process easy and painless. Let’s talk about how to take your organization from mundane to magnificent!