Presentation Coaching

 Can you summarize your message in 12 words or less?  Do you capture your audience’s attention throughout, leaving them wanting more?  Is your speech mundane or dry?  Let’s talk about it in a free consultation.  Let’s make you magnificent.  Contact

Key Notes

TOP HAT —Is a leadership acronym. It is a simple method that all leaders should be practicing. However, 90% do not; which leads to poor results, low morale, high turnover and a smaller bottom line. In a fun, engaging talk, I deliver these key elements. Allowing your organization to cross the line from mundane to magnificent…….For Price and additional information, Contact

JIGSAW — Every member of an organization makes up the “puzzle.” Before the beautiful picture can be displayed, however, all of the pieces in the box must be positioned just right. If you’re like most businesses, you too, are missing key elements. Let’s take you from chaotic to crisp.…….For Price and additional information, Contact


Seminars are energetic and exciting.…….For Price and additional information, Contact


LET’S TALK / LET’S CONNECTHas your sales force messages become stale? Are they really connecting with their intended clients? Is the 80-20 rule holding your small to mid-sized company from reaching it’s potential? Sometimes it takes an “outsider” to point out the hard truth. Let’s take a TOP HAT approach and make all of  your sales force want to be the 20%…….For Price and additional information, Contact

BEThis straight talking, in your face session, is catered to the junior and senior students. Learn why many “leaders” are not really leaders, but simply “title-holders.” Learn how not to fall into this category. Be prepared for a reality check. For price and additional information, Contact


Is your conference looking for an energizer, who can keep the pace, interact with your audience and give them a TOP HAT experience? Let’s talk. For Price and additional information, Contact